COVID-19 Response

Supporting testing of critical medical equipment

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, PTSL is supporting our key customers in testing their devices used in ventilators and other critical medical equipment. We are providing free-of-charge expedites on test hardware for all customers, where the end application is medical equipment used in the fight against COVID-19.


Global partnerships

As part of a global effort, PTSL is working in partnership with our Tier 1 customers supporting the manufacture of vital medical equipment, in a bid to reduce the mortality rate of COVID-19. The team at PTSL is proud to support these customers, giving manufacturing priority to these applications on our own production line, and working relentlessly in the collective efforts to improve outcomes for all.

Reducing risk for our staff team

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, PTSL has taken considerable measures to minimise the infection risk for our staff team. The welfare of our team remains a core value of our company.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment

We have completed a full risk assessment and shared the results with the PTSL staff team.

Safety procedures

We have cleaning, handwashing, and hygiene procedures in line with official guidance.

Protecting staff

All reasonable steps have been taken to ensure social distancing in the workplace. These steps include moving staff to increase spacing, working offset shifts, and protective screens. All staff who can work at home can do so and we have invested in our IT systems to make this possible without interruption to our high standards of service. 

World-leader in delivering advanced ATE test hardware solutions

PTSL is a technically driven company with a proven track record of pioneering engineering solutions to the most challenging test floors in the world.

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