Corporate Social Responsibility

Policy Statement

PTSL recognises that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) matters are of increasing importance to our staff, stakeholders in industry, and the communities we operate in. We believe that this policy provides a guide to provide long-term benefits for these groups and sets a standard in line with our corporate identity.

Health & Safety

Everything we do needs to be done safely and be central to the way we operate. The development or maintenance of our products, activities, processes and procedures can only be implemented when proven to be safe. We are committed to protect our staff, customers, and all associated stakeholders during all our operations and interactions.

PTSL Staff & Partners

Respecting the values and diversity of our employees providing good, safe conditions to work in. Always having an open-door policy where staff can raise any concerns confidentially to the management team without fear of recrimination or bias. Recognition that staff development is not only important to the company’s progress but vital for job satisfaction and improving the intellectual capacity of our employees.

Environmental Impacts

We will manage our business minimising the impact to the environment. We will maximise the use of recycled material and re-use materials where appropriate.

Our Customers

Always be responsive to our customer requests, providing a quality service and product while incorporating all relevant legislative considerations.

Our Suppliers

Always treat our suppliers fairly and honestly, promoting our CSR policies throughout our supply chain.

Community & Charitable Involvement

Charitable giving and involvement are one of the foundations of our organisation, helping others less fortunate than ourselves. We will also provide opportunities in local communities such as work experience or site tours, providing an insight to our organisation and industry.


We encourage very high standards of professionalism throughout the company; operating ethically at all times, always treating one another with dignity and respect. We believe in a team culture and promoting a sense of belonging with our staff and partners.

PTSL’s CSR shall be implemented and maintained through several of our key policies:

  • PTSL Health & Safety Policy Handbook
  • Staff Code of Conduct
  • Management Policy statement
  • PTSL Standards & Expected Staff Behaviours
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Anti-Corruption & Bribery Policy
  • Quality Policy

The senior management team at PTSL would be happy to discuss any matter regarding our CSR policy. Please get in touch to discuss this policy in more detail.

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